Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021


Registration for the upcoming National Pharmacy Forum is open until February 3rd when the first session will be held. Onsite registration will be charged at the seminar fee only. Late registration will incur a late charge of fifteen dollars. If you travel out of the state to participate in the forum, you will be charged extra for registration. Refunds are offered on arrival date only, not after the close of the first session.

Pharmacy Party Check-In Times: The Pharmacy Party Check-In Day is scheduled for 2 PM each day of the two weeks. This is a non-smoker’s only area. There is a space limitation on the waiting room floor.

At this time, you should also bring a doctor’s note for each individual participating in the forum. The venue will not allow patrons to bring their guns or ammunition. All patrons are subject to a security screening upon entering the venue.

What Not To Bring: Please be advised that the Pharmacy Party Check-In Day is considering an off-site event. Weight Loss You may not bring any guns or ammunition. However, you may store them in a lockbox provided at the event. You may not consume any alcohol or take any drugs or medications without the pharmacist’s expressed written permission when you enter the venue. You will not be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages between the hours of 12 midnight and 5 am.

You Can Expect: The Pharmacy Party Check-In Day is a single day when you can become a pharmacy forum member. You will then be assigned a role as a receptionist. You will meet other guests as well as pharmacists and staff at the party venue. This will allow you to interact with pharmacy professionals and clients. The forum facilitates and encourages interaction among club members.

When you arrive, you will meet with other guests who have chosen to participate in the forum. You will be shown to a location where you will need to register for the meeting and refreshments. Each member of the forum will hand you a badge that you will need to present to your registered guest of honor. Once you are seated, you can chat with other guests or share information about the profession’s latest events.

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After dinner, you will be asked to give a short presentation about something you are interested in. You may talk about your career or speak about an event you attended recently covered by the media. The pharmacist forum will allow you to network with other guests while you are enjoying your meal. The pharmacist at the table will help you with your questions and answer your questions as best she can. Many times you will also be able to make contact with other professionals at other tables as well.

You Can Expect When You Are a Member of the Pharmacy Forum: One of the benefits of membership at a pharmacy forum is attending other events hosted by other members. You can network and discuss common issues with other members while you enjoy your meal. It is also an excellent place for you to find out about the latest news and what the experts say about topics of interest to you and your career.

By Abigail