Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
Definition. News is any newsworthy information that was unknown before current events broadcasted over the air, on television, radio, or at least published in print media. It may also be any news that becomes a subject of controversy. Any information that causes a social or political reaction is termed news. We often hear people making comments about the importance of the news and how it affects our lives. These people believe that information helps them understand and learn about new events happening around the country and even worldwide. Communication plays a significant role in educating people, especially children, about current affairs. Without notice, many people worldwide would not know about and prepare themselves for future national, regional, and local news. Current events are essential for their educational value, and they provide entertainment to viewers through comedy and drama shows on television and newspaper articles. Nowadays, there are other news values apart from news stories that affect the public’s understanding of the world. CANADANEWSMEDIA The value of these different news values is essential because their objective is to inform, not entertain. For instance, entertainment news shows are designed to provide viewers entertainment and not relay any critical or sensitive information. This makes them unsuitable for channels meant for entertainment or news. Another essential news value is becoming more evident in today’s society, keeping people informed about natural disasters. Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, drought, and fires are becoming more frequent, and they need to be reported accurately to prevent loss of life and property. Television stations and wire services are writing about these natural disasters to inform the public and prepare. This news value is precious during severe weather events when people search for ways to help and support.
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A significant news value in today’s society is the big news story. Whether it is a terrorist attack, a plane crash, or a significant flood, there are stories worthy of your attention that will keep you up all night while the rest of the world is asleep. Perhaps the most critical news value you can derive from the media is to make news of your own. While this seems rather obvious, many people are unaware that they can take advantage of this news value to promote themselves and their cause. For instance, you can use an article about a significant event you attended to encourage yourself and tell people about it. Some people might even be interested enough to follow your lead and attend the event so that they can be one of the first to know about it.  

By Abigail