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Life Storage is a self-storage REIT based in Williamsville, New York. Previously known as Uncle Bob’s and Sovran Self Storage, the company owns interests in 854 locations. It has climate-controlled units, a minimal administration fee, and offers moving truck rentals. Read on to find out! We’ve also listed some of its best features below!

If you are interested in investing in the self-storage industry, you might be interested in the shares of Life Storage, Inc. (NYSE: LIFE). Life Storage has strong fundamentals, a high dividend yield, and well-diversified exposure across key markets. Additionally, the stock is currently trading at a low price in light of the recent stock market drop. Therefore, adding Life Storage now, even as macro uncertainty remains high, could be a sound move.

While Life Storage has a low beta, it still possesses a relatively high return potential. Its beta is below the NYSE average, so you should consider investing in this stock to earn a high yield. The dividend yield is based on the latest dividend value and may not be the same as previous. To stay informed about the company’s payouts, visit its careers page. Additionally, its CEO Bob Saffire has signed the CEO Action Pledge for Diversity & Inclusion, an initiative designed to promote a more inclusive work environment.
It offers climate-controlled units.

You may need a storage facility if you’re moving or amid a transition. You might also have high-value or delicate items you want to protect from extreme temperatures. Storage Near Me Aberdeen Climate-controlled units are ideal for such items. These units are not quite as comfortable as your living room, but they are far more livable than traditional units.

If you’re planning to move, life storage in Missouri City offers climate-controlled units accessible by drive-up. These units feature wide aisles, exterior/interior lighting, and perimeter fencing. Additionally, this facility has rent-now options available if you cannot make a payment immediately. And, with the BOGO offer, you can get up to 3 months free on your storage unit.
It charges an administration fee.

However, their next-month free rental deal has some restrictions. First, you must be a new customer. After that, you’ll have to pay a $25 administration fee. This will only apply to your second month of storage. You can also ask them if you can receive your deposit back in a different amount than the fee.

Another way to get a quote is to use the Life Storage site’s virtual storage unit size, estimator. This tool will help you visualize the size of your unit, which is helpful if you plan to convert a bedroom into an office. Using the virtual storage unit size estimator, you can also see how much space your unit would have. Life Storage has virtual storage unit size estimators for both medium and large units, and you can check the unit’s actual size before committing to the rental. You should note that this tool is based on data as of 12/30/21.
It offers moving truck rentals.

Life Storage provides various moving truck rentals for customers to use during their move. This service is convenient for people who live within the same city or state. The customer can rent a truck and storage unit at the exact location, saving time and money. First, the driver must be over the age of 21. A valid driver’s license and insurance card are required, and a credit card or cash deposit is required upon booking. Before booking, customers should determine the number of items they want to move.

The company provides both covered and outdoor parking spaces for customers. Depending on the size of the vehicle, customers can choose from a standard indoor storage unit or an outdoor parking space. The essential outdoor parking spot is the least expensive option, but you should measure your vehicle before booking. In addition, you may want to consider renting a moving truck with 20 free miles. However, don’t forget to take measurements and photos of your vehicle before booking a unit.
It has a virtual storage unit size estimator.

To help customers visualize how much space they will need for storage, Life Storage has a virtual storage unit size estimator. This tool can help customers decide what size storage unit they need, whether they’re planning to convert their bedroom into an office or have extra furniture they’d like to store in a different location. Using the virtual storage unit size estimator will allow you to visualize what your storage space will look like without physically visiting the facility.

To use the estimator, enter your items into a pop-up box. The Estimator will then compare your items’ dimensions to the units’ dimensions. Once it matches, the tool will display the total in cubic feet. You can then compare the total to the unit’s size, which will be the most cost-effective option. The virtual storage unit size estimator will show you the cost of renting a unit.

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