Closing Gifts For Realtors – Personalized Jewelry

Mar 8, 2020 Gifts

Closing Gifts For Realtors – Personalized Jewelry

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Some things to consider when deciding which closing gifts for realtors are best: Are they going to be practical or luxurious? Are they something that will stand out and encourage them to give you the gift? What time of year are you giving them? Which gifts make sense for your event?

Professional Gift Baskets – Some realtors will suggest that you give them a professional gift basket. Housewarming gifts These may include things like travel mugs, lip balm, individualized thank you notes, custom notebooks, personalized name tags, etc. Think about how you are planning to use them and what will be best to include in your gift. Some of these items may need to be ordered, which can be quite costly. In addition, a professional gift basket may not come with a guarantee that it will arrive on the day of your event.

Personalized Pens – If you have a professional realtor who is about to celebrate their first birthday, a personalized pen would be a perfect gift. It can be used as a fun way to show appreciation for their professionalism. Or you can make them feel special with a similar pen they’ve been collecting for years and gives it to them for their birthday. This is an excellent gift idea for Christmas as well.

Spa or Hair Design – A spa gift from a realtor would be a great idea for a family, honeymoon, anniversary, etc. A spa gift will be appreciated by any realtor regardless of age. Plus you can include a gift certificate or towel to take the memory of the time spent relaxing to the spa. The spa can also be a great place to relax and re-energize while watching TV.

Anodized Aluminum Folding Can Opener – If you are giving a gift that you know is going to be used on Christmas, why not consider giving one of these? They will last much longer than a common rubber or plastic one and they won’t scratch the countertop or laminate as easily. They also won’t melt the middle of the table with the microwave.

Key Rings – Giving one of these will give you the perfect gift for any occasion. If you have a realtor that lives in an apartment, they can use a key ring to keep keys close at hand. A key ring is great for a couple as well, just letting one another know that they are available, but the ring can also be a great ornament for that glass top coffee table.

Large Desk Lamp – Just because the realtor has a big house, doesn’t mean they don’t need a large desk lamp to light their home up and entertain themselves. They will be much happier with a lamp that will last them a lifetime. And if you know the realtor likes bright colors, adding a nice lamp to their living room is a wonderful idea for a holiday or birthday present.

There are many other gifts that you can think about for a realtor. Take into consideration how you are gifting them and their personality. You may even find that they will be thrilled to receive a gift that you thought of when they most wanted one!